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About After Hours

After Hours

After Hours is perhaps the greatest treasury of New Zealand standup comedy ever recorded. Filmed over six weeks on a small stage in Ponsonby in front of seven audiences of 100 lucky people each time, Ben Hurley presents 21 of New Zealand’s best standup comedians of right now, each one delivering a perfect gem of a routine in front of an audience in stitches.

Rhys Darby headlines the first episode and couldn’t believe how much fun he had on the After Hours stage. From Darby to 2014 Fred winner, the delightfully different Trygve Wakenshaw. From the most experienced comedians on the New Zealand scene – Andrew Clay, Mike Loder and Justine Smith to the smartest young comedians like Jamaine Ross and Joseph Moore. From Wellington’s James Nokise to American import Neil Thornton to stars of the Auckland scene Rose Matafeo and Guy Williams. There’s peeps you know from tv like Cal Wilson, Jeremy Elwood, Nick Rado and Tom Furniss, and people you will never forget like the sensational Tevita Manukia who nearly killed the audience that night. Ben Hurley presents New Zealand’s best comedians, captured on stage in their natural habitat: that’s After Hours.

"We wanted to capture just New Zealand’s best standup performances in the perfect room, with the greatest crowds and I think we did that.A lot of the comedians told me it was the best routine they’d ever done for a tv audience. Rhys Darby was having so much fun he started making things up on the spot and basically free-formed half of his routine. He wouldn’t get off the stage. The crowd wouldn’t let him."- Jon Bridges (Producer)

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Ep 1 Nov 28: Cori Gonzalez-Macuer, Jamaine Ross, Rhys Darby
Ep 2 Dec 5: James Nokise, Tom Furniss, Trygve Wakenshaw
Ep 3 Dec 12:Cal Wilson, Jamie Bowen, Tevita Manukia
Ep 4 Dec 19: Nic Sampson, Andrew Clay, Simon McKinney
Ep5 Dec 26: Nick Rado, Rose Matafeo, Mike Loder
Ep6 Jan 2: Joseph Moore, James Roque, Jeremy Elwood
Ep7 Jan 9: Neil Thornton, Justine Smith, Guy Williams