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Season 5 Ep 7

BIG ANGRY FISH - Season 5 Ep 7

New Episode. Milan and Nathan fish around the KariKari peninsula. Wherever they go they find fish, and the day turns into a bit of a competition between the two. S5 Ep7

Season 5 Ep 6

BIG ANGRY FISH - Season 5 Ep 6

New Episode. Milan is keen to catch a snapper on his flyrod and he convinces Nathan to give it a go despite the challenging weather. S5 Ep6

Season 5 Ep 5

BIG ANGRY FISH - Season 5 Ep 5

The guys visit Tauranga harbour, where Nathan has his hands full with a big and angry kingfish. S5 Ep5

Season 5 Ep 4

BIG ANGRY FISH - Season 5 Ep 4

Milan and Nathan find the best snapper fishing they have ever seen, in a meter of water up in the mangroves. S5 Ep4

Season 5 Ep 3

BIG ANGRY FISH - Season 5 Ep 3

New Episode. Nathan pulls a sicky, so Milan is left to his own devices for the day?s fishing. S5 Ep3

Season 5 Ep 2

BIG ANGRY FISH - Season 5 Ep 2

The famous Tuhua reef is both known for its big fish, but also its dangerous waves. Milan and Nathan get to battle both as they sneak in close of this incredible reef structure. S5 Ep2

Season 5 Ep 1

BIG ANGRY FISH - Season 5 Ep 1

The Season 5 opener sees Milan and Nathan join the annual snapper migration into the Hauraki Gulf. S5 Ep1

Season 4 Ep 13

BIG ANGRY FISH - Season 4 Ep 13

The season finale see Milan hike to Lottin point; and Nathan sent off in the boat securing live baits for a day's land based fishing. Final. S4 Ep13

Season 4 Ep 12

BIG ANGRY FISH - Season 4 Ep 12

Milan and Nathan spend a cold winter night in the sheltered Whangapoua harbour and enjoy the masses of baitfish lured in by their underwater lights. S4 Ep12

Season 4 Ep 11

BIG ANGRY FISH - Season 4 Ep 11

A long boat ride from Coromandel takes the guys to Great Barrier Island, where they head off in search of the big snapper that Great Barrier is famous for. S4 Ep11

About PlaceMakers Big Angry Fish

PlaceMakers Big Angry Fish was born a cold morning, 3 miles off North Cape in the middle of winter. We had driven through the night from Tauranga to arrive at the Far North. Our plan was to fish the shallow waters over the next four days, trying to find some massive fish, hiding out in the winterless north.

The first morning was an early start. Situated over a shallow reef pumping berley, we caught massive snapper one after another with several fish over 20lbs. With the current slowing down, we moved around to North Cape, where the waters were churning with fish: massive trevally, huge kingfish, the place was just on fire!

With live-baits only lasting seconds before they got eaten, we were catching some amazing kingfish. Finally we just stopped and looked at each other, "We should be filming this", Milan said, "We must show people how insane this fishing is".

From that moment on, we started up the motor, put the boat back on the trailer and spent the next 9 hours driving home talking about our new business plan.

Milan Radonich & Nikolaj Mathiesen