About Dog Patrol

Dog Patrol Dog Patrol is a brand new series focused on the work of the Animal Control Officers based in South Auckland; following this team of animal-lovers as they go about their incredibly varied day-to-day work.

South Auckland has the largest dog population in New Zealand and subsequently this Animal Management team is the busiest in the country. Every callout is different and no-one ever quite knows what they will find when they turn up – it’s a job where they quickly learn to expect the unexpected.

The series will cover drug raids, dog attacks & dog bites, roaming and unregistered mutts, lost pets reunited with their owners, abandoned strays being successfully put up for adoption,and more. Dog Patrol faithfully follows all aspects of the job.

Dog Patrol will give viewers a warts-and-all frontline experience of the trials, tribulations and the many triumphs of the day-to-day world of the Animal Control Officers – and the antics of the dogs that make their work-day so interesting!

You will also meet the dedicated workers at the South Auckland Animal Shelter who work tirelessly to re-home abandoned animals, and whose compassion for the dogs in their care is nothing short of astounding.

Dog Patrol introduces Mike, an officer with 30 years experience in Animal Management, whose unique sense of humour has never faltered, even after 3 decades on the job.

There’s Austin, the gentle giant, whose calm demeanour defuses what are often highly tense and emotional scenes.

Fay, whose love of animals is evident in all her dealings, and whose tenacity pays off in spades as she works to keep the streets safe for South Auckland’s residents.

Sean, a relative newcomer to the business of Animal Management, whose fresh perspective makes him an ideal Animal Control Officer.

Dani, with a background in zoology, mother of 4 Jane, and Steve whose 20 years of prior experience as a Police Officer stand him in good stead when the going gets tough.

At the South Auckland Animal Shelter, it’s Tania and Monique who are literally on the receiving end. Last year more than 3300 dogs were taken to the shelter, either seized, found or surrendered. Shelter staff treat every dog - from pitbulls to pugs with respect and affection.No matter what the outcome, a dog’s stay at the shelter will mean they have food, warmth, exercise and one-on-one time with the staff.

Dog Patrol - Mondays, 8.00pm.