Dog Control Tips

Auckland Council Dog Ownership Tips and Expectations
(taken from the Auckland Council website as of July 29)

The overall objective of council policy is to encourage responsible dog ownership and community awareness to promote an environment where dogs and people can happily and peacefully co-exist.

In order to meet this objective, dog owners must:

- register their dog/s by the time it is three months of age and every year after;
- provide for the health and well being of their dog;
- control their dogs when in a public place, especially in and near places frequented by children;
- ensure their dog doesn't cause a nuisance to neighbours and other people by persistent and loud barking or howling;
- keep their dog under direct control or confined on their property so it doesn't wander or become lost;
- pick up any faeces left by their dog in public places or on land not occupied by the dog owner;
- take all reasonable steps to ensure their dog doesn't injure, endanger, intimidate, or otherwise cause distress to children and other people so that the public can use streets and public amenities without fear of attack or intimidation;
- take all reasonable steps to ensure their dog doesn't injure, endanger or cause distress to any stock, poultry, domestic animal, or protected wildlife and is kept out of prohibited areas;
- ensure their dog doesn't damage or endanger any property belonging to other people;
- provide for the training, exercise and recreational needs of their dogs.

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