About Underbelly: The Golden Mile

Sydney, Kings Cross, 1989... The cops were bent and the crims were cool. And together they ran the most exciting street in Australia. Strippers, gamblers, gunmen, dealers, bouncers, bagmen – they all came to the Golden Mile.

A smart and sexy young Kim Hollingsworth, smiling teenage Kings Cross identity Johnny Ibrahim, who becomes Sydney’s most successful and enigmatic nightclub entrepreneur. And the corrupt, the Bayeh brothers, Trevor Haken, Chook Fowler…The Golden Mile was their playground, and they played like there was no tomorrow.

Then, in 1995, 'tomorrow' came and the Wood Royal Commission cleaned out the Black Empire within the NSW Police. But it left behind a mess that took years of mayhem to bring under control.

Underbelly: The Golden Mile is the story of the excesses of the empire, the collapse of the empire, the chaos that followed, and the ultimate victory of strong and honest police…seen through the eyes of some of the most sexy, charming, corrupt and deadly people of the time.

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