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Family Feud New Zealand Bingo!

Have you been watching this week? Then you should ace this. If not catch up on 3NOW right now and get playing!

The Worst Places To Be Stranded

It would not make your day if you got stuck in one of these in the middle of nowhere.

David Brown and Other World Famous David's

Name a famous David

Name A Famous Kiwi Singer Other Than Lorde

Name a famous kiwi singer.

How To Suit Up Like A Leading Man

You'll Never Guess Which Bedwell Is A Xena Warrior Star...Name Something You Associate With Ties!

Is This What's Needed To Win Fast Money?

Can a change in personnel bring them the 5k win?

How To Awkwardly Shake Richie McCaw's Hand

If you are ever so lucky to meet Richie McCaw, don't shake his hand like Caleb Rika did.

Whip It, Whip It Good

We have a whip champion to whip Dai into shape. Name something you leave at the beach!

Will The Norman's Become Record Breakers?

It's moment of truth! This is Desiree's chance to claim a record breaker in fast money!

The Norman's Chance For Glory

The Norman family are one question away from getting a chance to break a Family Feud record! And the Norman's have met their match with the Douglas family. Will the Norman's prevail?