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Here are some little facts about the cast of Go On:

- Matthew Perry has had Friends co-star Jennifer Aniston offer to be his personal trainer
- Julie White became an actress after auditioning for a play during one of her many school detentions
- Laura Benanti is a distinguished theatre perfumer and has received a Tony nomination
- John Cho is the 'MILF' guy from American Pie
- Tyler James Williams made his acting debut on Sesame Street at age four

One Lady, One Cat

One Lady One Cat

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About Go On

Matthew Perry stars in this comedy about finding friendship in an unlikely place. Sportscaster Ryan King (Perry), just wants to be left alone after losing his wife in a car accident. But his boss won’t put him back on air until he’s joined a grief counselling group. Perry doesn't take it seriously at all, but that might just be exactly what this bunch need...


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