About Grand Designs Australia

Building your own house is an epic undertaking, drawing on the self-builder's deepest reserves of endurance, determination and cash. Based on the highly successful UK show and hosted by award-winning architect Peter Maddison, Grand Designs Australia follows the structural, financial and emotional journey over many months of people building their own homes.

One gripping story trails a couple in Sydney who choose to build their home some 900 km away in Melbourne, and then have it transported on a convoy of trucks back to their hometown. Another series highlight follows a struggling family living in the country's toughest yet most beautiful terrain in the Northern Territory, who fight against all odds - financial and the harshest of elements - to build their unique home. It's a house that incorporates its surroundings, literally, with a centerpiece staircase constructed from a fallen eucalypt plant.

About Peter Maddison

Peter Maddison - Grand DesignsPeter Maddison is an award-winning architect and director of Maddison Architects Pty Ltd, a practice he started in 1988. With over 25 years experience, his projects include a huge range of award-winning residential and commercial projects, including HIA Victorian Home of the Year 2009 and HIA Australian Home of the Year 2010.

An experienced architect who understands Australian architecture and our climate, culture and history, Peter took on the role of host of The LifeStyle Channel's Australian production of Grand Designs in August 2009. With the ability to express complicated architectural features in simple terms, Peter is also not afraid to speak his mind, and that honesty is very Australian.

"I am really enjoying hosting Grand Designs Australia," said Peter Maddison. "As a practising architect I am fascinated by what I have witnessed travelling around Australia filming a rich and diverse range of Australian homeowners. Some are building their dream-home, some are living a nightmare. But every one of them has a unique story and drama."

Sole director and founding principal of Maddison Architects, Peter's experience commenced in 1978 as a student with Peter Crone & Associates. He subsequently worked with Morris & Pirotta Architects, Cocks & Carmichael Architects, and was a Partner with McIntyre Partnership Architects & Urban Planners, before founding his own practice.

Peter's focus on holistic design has led to the development of close relationships and to the creation of many successful and awarded projects. Projects include a huge range of residential and commercial work, many of which have received architectural awards.Peter regularly contributes to the profession's involvement with the Australian Institute of Architects Victorian Chapter, associated seminars, and guest lecturing at universities. He has also conducted a number of highly successful seminars and contributes to the profession's development.