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Highlights from Season 2

Feeling nostalgic? Take a look back on the best moments from this season's Grand Designs.

When things don't always go according to plan!

Bloopers from Season 2 of Grand Designs New Zealand

Working with Chris - Part 2

Find out what the homeowners thought about Chris!

Favourite things : Earthquake Rebuild

What was your favourite feature of this Grand Design? Andrei and Abby tell us theirs!

Making your home your own

Building an earthquake safe home in under 5 months isn't without it's challenges! Andrei and Abby share their useful tips and tricks!

Poll - What was your favourite Grand Design of Season 2?

Which Grand Designs did you fall in love with this season? Let us know by taking our poll!

Earthquake Rebuild - Gallery

Check out the Earthquake Rebuild

Supplier List - Earthquake Rebuild

Insights Into The Earthquake Rebuild

ANZ brings you insights into Andrei and Abby's journey from Grand Plan to Grand Design. Click to find out more.