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Season 2 Is Coming Soon

Season 2 of Grand Designs NZ is coming soon.

Chris Moller

Find out more about our host Chris Moller

Marty and Morella on their American Barns

How the American Barns changed Marty and Morella's life.

Technical Drawing - American Barns

Watch the CAD drawing of Marty and Morella Grand Design.

Grand Designs Tips & Tricks from Marty and Morella

Marty and Morella share their useful tips and tricks for undertaking your own Grand Design.

Moodboard - American Barns

Find out more of what inspired Marty and Morella to build their grand design - America Barns

Marty & Morella On Their American Barns

Marty and Morella answer questions about their grand design - American Banrs

Standout Feature - American Barns

Marty and Morella talk about the special features of their clifftop house.

Supplier List - American Barns

Mike and Catherine On their straw bale house

How the straw bale house changed the lives of Mike and Catherine.