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Insights Into The French House

ANZ brings you insights into Philippe and Sarah's journey from Grand Plan to Grand Design. Click to find our more.

What's Sarah and Philippe's favourite feature in their house?

What about you, what is your favourite thing in this Grand Design?

What Sarah & Philippe have learnt from their French masterpiece?

The couple share their top 3 tips to build a Grand Design

How Sarah and Philippe's vision translate into their Grand Design?

Finally they can enjoy the house of their dreams

Heritage Vs. Contemporary Architecture

Ponsonby is a heritage area loved for its victorian timber villas..will Sarah and Philippe's neighbors appreciate their more modern house?

Technical Drawing: French House

Watch the French House comes to life

Get to know Chris Moller

Did you know what are the 3 things Chris can't live without? And who's his favourite band?

Mood Board- French House

Check out where Sarah and Philippe got their inspiration from to build their French House