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A conversation with Chris Moller - The host of Grand Designs New Zealand

Get to know Chris Moller, the host of Grand Designs New Zealand - his biggest inspirations and influences.

Standout Feature - Concrete Farmhouse

Lachlan McDonald talks about the special features of his concrete farmhouse.

Moodboard - Concrete Farmhouse

Learn more of what inspired Lachlan McDonald to build his grand design - The Concrete Farmhouse

Lachlan On His Concrete Farmhouse

Check out what Lachlan has to say about his new grand designs.

An Interview With Lachlan About His Concrete Farmhouse

It's been almost 7 years since Lachlan started his grand design. Has it been worth the wait?

Supplier List - Concrete Farmhouse

Grand Designs Tips & Tricks from Lachlan

Here's some useful tips and tricks for undertaking your own Grand Design from the homeowner of this week's episode.

House Drawing - Concrete Farmhouse

Did you enjoy this week's episode and did you love Lachlan's concrete farmhouse? Check out the CAD drawing of his grand design!

11 Beautiful Images of Chris Moller's Work in the Netherlands

Check out these photographs of our host's beautiful architectural work in the Netherlands.

Click-Raft: Clever, Affordable Building

Learn more about this inexpensive form of architecture by our very own host.