About The Show

HOPE & WIRE is a gripping, emotional, character-based drama set in Christchurch after the devastating earthquakes of 2010-2011.

Three two-hour episodes follow characters who continue to live amid the ruins, despite frequent disturbing aftershocks. Reflecting their fractured experiences, HOPE & WIRE circles around overlapping worlds and viewpoints. Fate and destiny collide in unpredictable ways as they all grapple with the “new normal”.

Inspired by true stories, HOPE & WIRE is named for the song by Adam McGrath of much-loved Lyttelton band The Eastern, who also feature in the series. This sometimes funny, often heart-wrenching drama is the brainchild of filmmaker Gaylene Preston (Home By Christmas). Preston wrote the scripts with Dave Armstrong (Billy) and directed the series. She produced it with Chris Hampson (White Lies), and Associate Producer Sue Rogers (Home By Christmas). The series is supported by the NZ On Air Platinum Fund.

HOPE & WIRE stars an impressive cast, headed by Bernard Hill, best known to younger viewers as King Theoden in Lord of the Rings, and to those with long memories as Yosser Hughes in Boys From the Blackstuff. Rachel House (White Lies), Jarod Rawiri (Fantail), Miriama McDowell (This Is Not My Life), Luanne Gordon (Insider’s Guide to Happiness), Stephen Lovatt (Harry, Top of the Lake), Joel Tobeck (Seige, Sons of Anarchy), Logie award-winner Chelsie Preston Crayford (Underbelly: Razor), Anton Tennet (Romeo and Juliet: A Love Story) and Kip Chapman (Top of the Lake) form the core of the large ensemble cast.

As a result of open auditions held in Christchurch, Preston and her team discovered two exciting new young actors; Christchurch schoolgirl Lucy Wyma plays Hayley, Ginny and Jonty’s wayward daughter, and David Sutherland plays Tim, her head-injured brother.

Several Christchurch actors contributed colourful performances including Eilish Moran, who plays Deidre, Monee’s estranged mother, and many first-time performers joined the cast, including Simo Abbari, a Christchurch falafel bar owner who plays Youssef, a Christchurch falafel bar owner.

Loren Taylor (Eagle vs Shark) and Dame Kate Harcourt (Apron Strings) play cameo roles as Emma, Jonty’s devoted legal assistant and Dorothy, his 90-year-old aunt – who, like many elderly people, coped well during the emergencies but had difficulty once the quakes settled.