What to look out for when picking your dog


Some people believe that dogs with longer tails run faster. It is difficult to make this measurement yourself, so you may need to “guesstimate” the tail length. Or perhaps use a protractor and use “maths” to triangulate the tail length.


Before the dogs race they are taken out to a fenced off area by the track for the “stir-up”. This is where they watch the bunny race around the track to get them excited. It is also when some plucky dogs take a toilet break. Some punters believe that dogs that have relived themselves at this time run faster. This practice is not limited to the dog world it is a known fact that Usain Bolt routinely “drops a deuce” moments before he runs the hundred metres.

It’s all about the bitches

Boy dogs are called dogs. Girl dogs are called bitches. Some punters love the bitches mostly because they like saying the word. Bitches are typically smaller than the dogs, which may cause some less experienced punters to write them off. But what the bitches lack in size they make up for in “pluck”, their lithe, nimble bodies allow them to weave their way through the other dogs in the field. Like the human females, bitches too are wildly unpredictable and prone to mood swings for seemingly innocuous oversights like leaving wet towels on their bed or having sex with their sister.

The dog name

It is a perfectly acceptable betting system to back dogs based on their name. For the most part dog names are ridiculous, some are even “quite distasteful”. Nevertheless much like when a lady chooses a man there are names that are universally regarded as sexy like Justin (Timberlake), Brad (Pitt) and Channing (Tatum). So too with dogs there are names that are synonymous, not with sexiness but with speed.

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Little Mother one of New Zealand's greatest greyhounds

Name: Little Mother

Weight: 26kgs

Wins: 83/126

Little Mother is a pint-sized battler. She is the Terry Wright of the greyhound world. But like Terry she is a natural athlete and has risen through the ranks and smashed numerous records to be New Zealand’s greatest current greyhound. She’s taken over $350,000 in stakes and well worth watching if you can see her race – she’s a freak.