Thursday 5 and 12 Nov 8.30pm

INXS Never Tear Us Apart is no longer available to watch on 3NOW

INXS: Never Tear Us Apart

"Never Tear Us Apart" is a two-part, 4 hour television event that tells the uncensored story of Australia's most successful 80's Rock band - INXS. It’s a story of mateship, success and excess. It’s the ultimate sex, drugs and rock’n’roll story that ends in tragedy.

Part One charts the early years of INXS and their rise to fame as one of the biggest bands in Australia by the mid 80’s. A new sound for a new era, INXS lives up to its name – playing hard and partying even harder.

But some people say that the moment you get what you’ve always wanted is when things start to fall apart. In Part Two, INXS has officially made it and Michael Hutchence is a gold-plated rock star. But the rock’n’roll lifestyle is taking its toll - it’s November 22 1997 and Michael is late for rehearsal again. He's always late. Then the phone rings and INXS will never be the same...

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