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Inside NZ returns with a compelling new line-up of insightful programmes.

3’s Head of Factual, Sue Woodfield, says: “This new Inside New Zealand line-up features fascinating new documentaries from some of our best factual storytellers. It’s just a great watch.

“The programmes explore many of the big questions facing New Zealand today: Is our crime rate better or worse here than in other countries? Do our police have enough support? What drives Kiwis to seek cut-price plastic surgery? What are the ramifications of smoking, alcohol and cannabis for our society? Do we want to change things - and if so, how?

“Each documentary brings together riveting footage, expert knowledge and a unique New Zealand perspective on the issues that shape how we live.”

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Mind The Gap

Mind The Gap

Why is the gap between the rich and the poor growing so fast in New Zealand? Do you think you’re paying too much tax? Do you work all week and just can’t make ends meet? Award winning documentary maker Bryan Bruce is back with another compelling report on life in New Zealand today.


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