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Ben's Ex Girlfriend Surprises Him

What better way to get Ben finally talking after 2 days, than by inviting his ex girlfriend in to offload some stories...

Trying to get Ben talking

Ben wasn't allowed to talk during the radio show today, so we had some fun trying to make him...

Drive-Thru #MouthguardChallenge

The #MouthguardChallenge has been doing the rounds, so we took it to a few drive-thru windows to see if they'd get our order right... They didn't.

Guy Tries To Plug His Comedy Show

Guy wanted to plug his comedy tour on our radio show, but to get a plug you've got to give a plug... Did he manage to complete the challenge!?

Destroying The Evil Shredder

After Ben made a terrible gag with a Shredder at the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles press junket in front of Will Arnett, it was time to destroy it...

Jono and Ben | 100 Ep Montage

We'd like to say it wasn't easy compiling the best bits of 100 episodes into 3 minutes... But it was.

Next Actor | Best of 100 Episodes

It's everyone's favourite segment... Where we tell celebrities to do things we'd never do in public. Check out the best of Next Actor from our last 100 Episodes.

Jono and Ben | Best Interviews in 100 Episodes

We've interviewed some pretty cool peeps in the last 5 years, so here's our most memorable and favourite people that lent us there time (regrettably).

Action Men | Best of 100 Episodes

Here it is, the top 5 times we made fools of ourselves in public over the last 100 episodes... (there was WAY more than 5.)

Kids Review | 100 Episodes

These guys probably weren't even born when we started, but they give their professional opinion on our last 100 episodes...