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Latest Extras

Jono and Ben #MakingShapes Week 4

If at first you don't succeed, try, try and then try again...

Jono and Ben #MakingShapes Week 3

When an everyday Dad becomes a Kiwi legend... Crazy things happen when you're #MakingShapes

Jono and Ben's House Rules

What happens when we put our own spin on House Rules?

Jono and Ben #MakingShapes Week 2

When you're absolutely killing it at #MakingShapes and then Guy Williams turns up...

Jono and Ben #MakingShapes Week 1

We've been inspired... like Japanese gameshow inspired, so we're bringing you #MakingShapes. Of course we had to let Jono and Ben have the first go...

Jono and Ben's Republic | Part 2

Thanks to MyRepublic Broadband we got our own Island for 24 hours, where we decided to host 24 parties... This is what went down...

Guy Investigates | Panel Beating

Why did we let him loose with a spray paint gun...?

Kids Write | Jerome and Damian

Why do we honestly do this to ourselves... So embarrassing!

Laura Daniel | Dating Show Pitches

We're actually really diggin' "Fart Box"...

Jono and Ben | Dad Dance

Don't put your back out watching this... #DadDance