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Latest Extras

Jono and Ben #MakingShapes Week 11

Sometimes you've just gotta go the extra round

Jono and Ben #MakingShapes Week 10

That moment you regret with every part of your soul ever coming on the Jono and Ben show...

Jono and Ben #MakingShapes Week 9

These two mates are about to become waaay better friends...

Jono and Ben #MakingShapes Week 8

I think my Mum made this position when she made me...

Jono and Ben #MakingShapes Week 7

When you play #MakingShapes and all you leave with is one awkward car ride home...

Jono and Ben #MakingShapes Week 6

Tutus, styrofoam walls and a giant pool of water, things get a little weird this week on #MakingShapes

Jono and Ben #MakingShapes Week 5

When you've got 99 problems and one of them is being blindfolded on a bouncy ball as a giant wall with a small hole in it approaches you...

Jono and Ben #MakingShapes Week 4

If at first you don't succeed, try, try and then try again...

Jono and Ben #MakingShapes Week 3

When an everyday Dad becomes a Kiwi legend... Crazy things happen when you're #MakingShapes

Jono and Ben's House Rules

What happens when we put our own spin on House Rules?