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Latest Extras

Kids Review | TPPA

"Talking Peace Poo Australia"... Not quite.

F**k Marry Kill | Sketch

In this episode of F**k Marry Kill, Laura must choose between 3 budding bachelors...

Car Salesman | Guy Tries

Guy tried to get a job as a car salesman. He was then asked to leave immediately. Those two sentences alone sum up how well he went...

Fear Fall | Guy Williams

Guy Williams has a show at the NZ international comedy festival, and the only way he could plug it was to face his fear of heights... Blindfolded.

Action Men | Game of Thrones

With Game of Thrones Season 6 kicking off this week, Jono, Ben and Guy took to the streets to challenge unsuspecting pedestrians to a duel... Oh, and Jono got wet.

Laura Guesses Lemonade

Beyoncé's new album 'Lemonade' dropped this week... And seeing as no one uses Tidal, Laura has taken it upon herself to give us an album rundown...

Next Actor | Hayden Paddon

Not often you walk into Placemakers, and first thing you see is Hayden Paddon sitting on the toilet...

twenty one pilots | Interview

After Guy stitched up the boys into thinking they were late for their twenty one pilots interview, they finally made it face to face with them. Jono's big bald head got a makeover too...

twenty one pilots | Prank

Jono and Ben were scheduled to interview "twenty one pilots"... Or so they thought. Cue Guy Williams, who did his best to stress them out.

Fear Fall | Nish Kumar

Taking their interview techniques to new heights, Jono and Ben bring world famous comedian Nish Kumar on the Fear Fall with them at Rainbow's End.