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Latest Extras

Kids Review | The Queen

Ahead of the Queen's Birthday, we find out off our favourite little people what they think about her Majesty.

Interview | Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart

Ben flew all the way to New York in order to meet the stars of Central Intelligence, Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart... For 4 minutes.

Action Men | Drinking Games

Skin and Tonic? Hair of the dog? We'll pass thanks... But how do these Uni students handle Action Men "Drinking Games?"

Next Actor | Hamish and Eric

Finally, a funny duo on Jono and Ben... We sent NZ rowing legends Hamish and Eric to Countdown and let them loose at the check-out!

Laura Daniel | Tarzina

Jordan Mauger is back in "Tarzina and Dane - A love story... A rank one."

Sketch | Face / Swap / Off

Who will win...? Drug kingpin Ben Boyce, or Agent Jono Pryor. In order to infiltrate the underground gang, only one app can get him close to the action...

Guy Williams | Radio Buzz

We sent Guy to the NZ Radio awards to rub shoulders with the likes of Mike Puru and Paul Henry... In a bee costume.

This Week's Guests | Jono and Ben

It's another HUGE week on Jono and Ben. Find out who's joining the guys this Friday night...

The Rock | The Forbidden Kick

We invited Warriors legend Shaun Johnson to our radio studios in order to attempt "The Forbidden Kick"... Will he make it!?

Kids Review | Boys Vs Girls

This season The Block is going Boys Vs Girls... So we brought the topic to the Kids Review.