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Latest Extras

Interview | Jeff Goldblum & Liam Hemsworth

Ben flew to Sydney to interview the stars of Independence Day: Resurgence, Jeff Goldblum and Liam Hemsworth... With props...

Next Actor | Tammy Davis & Robbie Magasiva

Long story short, Tammy Davis and Robbie Magasiva made us eat cereal out of each others pants...

Laura Daniel | Kim K VS Taylor S

It's THE biggest news of 2016 so far... And Laura helps spell it all out for you. Who, will, win?

Prank | Face Swap

What better way to get out of a very boring meeting, than by tracking down look-a-likes and sneaking out half way through... Or so we thought.

Kids Write | Ghostbusters

After the huge success of "Kids Write: Game Of Thrones", our favourite writers are back with their rendition of "Ghostbusters"...

Guy Investigates | Pokemon GO

What's with all the hype around Pokemon GO!? We sent Guy Williams out to investigate.

Piece Of Skit | In The Beginning

Here's the story of how New Zealand ACTUALLY ended up with Jono and Ben...

Ben's Ex Girlfriend Surprises Him

What better way to get Ben finally talking after 2 days, than by inviting his ex girlfriend in to offload some stories...

Trying to get Ben talking

Ben wasn't allowed to talk during the radio show today, so we had some fun trying to make him...

Drive-Thru #MouthguardChallenge

The #MouthguardChallenge has been doing the rounds, so we took it to a few drive-thru windows to see if they'd get our order right... They didn't.