Russell Brown
Russell Brown is one of New Zealand's most prolific media commentators. When he's not fronting Media3, he's tending to his group blog site, He has also been the editor of the successful anthology Great New Zealand Argument: Ideas About Ourselves and the founding host of Radio New Zealand's Mediawatch. When he's not working, he enjoys riding his bike, cooking and finding music on the internet.

Jose Barbosa
José is a former News and Editorial Director for Auckland University radio station 95bFM. During his time at the station he presented several shows, including The Wire and Sunday Breakfast, and been a producer for Mikey Havoc's breakfast show. He's worked in the media monitoring industry and has written for, Remix, Real Groove and NZ Musician as well as producing several segments for Radio NZ's Music 101 program. He likes old comic books, lemon meringue pie and boutique meats.

Will Pollard
Will Pollard is a researcher and reporter for Media3, writing and presenting the regular data feature 'The Sauce'. When not looking at the numbers behind the news, he writes about art and culture and plays the trumpet in Auckland's greatest Northern Soul party band – The Cosbys. He’s previously worked online as a News Editor for 3 News, and in radio as the News and Editorial Director at 95bFM. He once had a really good lunch in Grenoble.

Karen McCarthy
Karen McCarthy is a longtime radio and television journalist, perhaps best known for her work onscreen the last decade and a half reporting current affairs for TV3. She joins Media3 as a reporter-researcher, lining up studio guests and getting the good oil from them before they go under the lights, with occasional contributions onscreen.