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Nosie Control

NOISE CONTROL - Season 1, Ep 6

A noisy neighbour with some unusual advice; and the police are called in to seize the sound gear from an inner city bar.

Season 1, Ep 5

NOISE CONTROL - Season 1, Ep 5

An old busker tries to bulldoze through Noise Control; and annoyed neighbours throw bottles at a noisy bar.

NOISE CONTROL - Season 1, Ep 4

Neighbours tear their hair out as music thumps from an apartment for hours; and rowdy road works enrage residents.

Noise Control

NOISE CONTROL - Season 1, Ep 3

Preachers scare café goers away with a huge amplifier, while in the suburbs anarchy rules when a group of punks party loud enough to wake the dead.

Noise Control

NOISE CONTROL - Season 1, Ep 2

An ear splitting alarm goes off for hours, and the Police are called when a loaded firearm is brandished at a party.

Noise Control 0101

NOISE CONTROL - Season 1, Ep 1

The Officers deal with a fiery argument in the suburbs.

Q&A with Jake

Jake Faafua - Noise Control Officer

Jake Faafua - Noise Control Officer

How long have you been a Noise Control Officer? I have been a Noise Control Officer for 16 years. I started noise control in 1994.

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About Noise Control

NOISE CONTROL - Mondays, 7.30pm.

Brand new to 3, Noise Control provides a rare glimpse of Auckland at night as viewers get the opportunity to tag along with Noise Control Officers as they work to keep the volume down.

Ever been bothered by noise? Unwelcome noise can make our lives hell. It changes us from pleasant patient creatures into screaming, desperate crazy types. Noise can make us feud with people we actually quite like, force us to move home, change towns, make us depressed, and literally drive us mad.

Across Auckland, unwanted noise happens day and night. And while the Generation Y partiers consider dancing till dawn their birthright, their Gen-X neighbours are well over it mid evening, when they can’t get the baby to stop screaming and everyone in the house is desperate for sleep.

Where can they go for help? To Noise Control. Noise Control Officers are urban peacekeepers, a rare breed of person that residents rely on to help keep the neighbourhood at acceptable levels of noise… quiet in the wee small hours, and not too rowdy during the day either. These guys are true local heroes.