Tonight's Schedule

17:15 iCarly
The adventures of a teen who produces popular Webcasts for kids and becomes an online celebrity.
17:40 Big Time Rush repeat
Big Time Rush is a brand new series about friendship and brotherhood that chronicles the finding, making and breaking of a potential chart-topping music group.
18:05 Malcolm In The Middle TELETEXT CAPTIONING PG 801
Malcolm tries to 'dumb down' to attract a cute, non-intellectual girl. S4 Ep4
18:30 Survivor: Brawn vs. Brains vs. Beauty
New Episode. Another castaway is voted out of the game. S28 Ep9
19:15 All New Glee on demand
New Episode. Current and alumni members of New Directions reinvent their favorite performances in the series' 100th episode. Guest starring Gwyneth Paltrow.
20:00 Classic Movie: Edward Scissorhands TELETEXT CAPTIONING PG 801 repeat
From director Tim Burton comes a fantastic tale shorn out of ordinary suburbia about a man named Edward Scissorhands whose hands were cold, but whose heart was warm. Starring Johnny Depp, Winona Ryder, Dianne Wiest And Anthony Michael Hall. (1990)
21:45 Late Movie: Gentlemen Broncos repeat
A loner with a passion for writing has his story ripped off by a legendary fantasy novelist and subsequently adapted into a disastrous movie by a homespun filmmaker. Starring Michael Angarano, Jennifer Coolidge, and Jemaine Clement. (2009)
18:00 3 News on demand
3 News presents comprehensive coverage of global and local news.
19:00 The Great Food Race hd on demand
New Episode. Three teams battle it the semi-finals. The teams must navigate their way through farmland, mudflats, and beehives, and then prepare the ultimate feast. S1 Ep12
20:30 The Blacklist TELETEXT CAPTIONING PG 801 hd5.1 Dolby Digital on demand
New Episode. A series of baby abductions prompts the team to target an illegal adoption agency in a case that turns personal for Liz. S1 Ep13
21:15 Hawaii Five-O TELETEXT CAPTIONING PG 801 hd5.1 Dolby Digital on demand
New Episode. Chin is kidnapped in the middle of the night and placed in a prison dressed as an inmate. He must escape before the other prisoners realise he is a member of Five-0. Guest starring Lindsay Price. S3 Ep13
22:00 Hawaii Five-O TELETEXT CAPTIONING PG 801 hd5.1 Dolby Digital
New Episode. The team investigate the murder of a prostitute who was found in the bed of a missing congressman. S3 Ep14
22:45 House Of Cards hd5.1 Dolby Digital
New Episode. As Russo hits the campaign trail in Pennsylvania, Francis pulls out all the stops to pass the watershed bil. S1 Ep9