Premieres 8 Dec. 7pm

More About Road Cops

The ever-popular TV3 series ‘ROAD COPS’ is back with more motoring mayhem and unlawful misadventures on New Zealand’s Highways, Byways and Expressways.

Continuing on from its previous success, the all-new series 3 is a high-octane mixture of action, emotion and the downright bizarre. Road rage, badly behaving drunk drivers, car crashes, speeding motorists, drivers on their mobile phones and boy racers trying desperately to keep their dodgy cars on the road are just some of the stories captured on camera.

This new series also sees Road Cops officers diverted to a party that spills out onto the street, drug busts are carried out, a fail to stop motorcycle offender is tracked down, one truckie dumps human waste all over the road while another rolls his truck with a potentially explosive load spilling on to the expressway. A group of youths throw fire works out of their moving car into the path of a following police car and a speeding driver almost crashes in to a Highway Patrol car while trying to overtake another motorist.

Every stop is unique and our Road Cops find themselves in challenging situations that require experience, quick thinking and skill to negotiate.

No one likes paying traffic fines but the Road Cops vigilant patrols keep New Zealand’s roads safer for all of us. When emergencies strike the Road Cops officers are often the first on the scene and experience first hand the carnage and heartache unlawful and idiotic motorist’s actions can leave in their wake.

The good, the bad and the down right strange are all wrapped up in this quintessential ‘Kiwi’ factual series that shines its red and blue flashing cop lights on New Zealanders travelling on State Highway 1 and beyond.