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Season 1 Ep7

Season 1 Ep 7

It's the final assignment for Reality Trip and the five Kiwis are continuing their investigation into Bangladesh's massive garment industry. S1 Ep7

Season 1 Ep6

Season 1 Ep 6

The five are in Bangladesh - their mission is to immerse themselves in the cotton and garment industries. S1 Ep6



About Reality Trip

Reality Trip is a documentary series (seven one hour episodes), which takes five young Kiwi consumers to three different countries to see where the products they buy come from – computers, bananas, costume jewellery, clothes, and tea. They’re products most New Zealanders buy without thinking about their origins and who makes them.

Our five travellers will be exposed to people and situations they’ve never before encountered in their sheltered Western lives: in each country they will work and live alongside locals. This full cultural immersion may prove a life changing experience for each of them and make them think about their consumer-driven ways.

Although the five young New Zealanders share an interest in technology and fashion, their personalities and backgrounds are very different: 19-year-old fashion-mad Anna works at a lifestyle publication and hopes to be the editor of Vogue one day; 25 year old Kieran is a father and workaholic who loves to have a laugh; 22-year-old Peter is computer obsessed and all his previous travelling experience has been on the net; Stevie is 21, a social work student with a big heart; 21 year old student Stephanie is ambitious, super confident and a self-confessed shopaholic!

In each episode these strong characters knock up against each other as they put aside their home comforts and come to terms with the reality of living and working like the locals in the Philippines, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh.

Reality Trip shows real people dealing with a world they never knew existed or, if they did they were never prepared to acknowledge it. It’s dramatic, heart-rending and at times uplifting television which will make us think about our own lives and our place in the world.