Comedy for Cure Kids: Good Sports

Comedy for Cure Kids is back! Kicking off at 7:30pm on Friday 23 August will be the best Comedy for Cure Kids television special event ever to celebrate Red Nose Day 2013.

Featuring an array of local and international stars (including the 7 Days and Jono and Ben at Ten teams and many more), world-class sportspeople like the All Blacks, as well as Kiwis from all over New Zealand, we’re asking you to tune in, laugh yourself silly and support this amazing cause.

About 2013 line up

7 Days

Missing your weekly round up of current affairs on a Friday night? The 7 Days crew are back with a very special Comedy for Cure Kids episode! Join Jeremy, Paul, Dai, Urzila, Josh Thompson, Madeline Sami and Jeremy Elwood as they cover the week’s best bits of news and compete to be named team of the week.

Jono and ben bike tour

Jono and Ben

The heart of this year’s Comedy for Cure Kids will focus on Jono and Ben’s bike tour of New Zealand from the Bluff to Cape Reinga with plenty of stops along the way. TV3’s award winning duo cycled the length of the country with Guy Williams in tow and a cast of well-known New Zealanders, finding themselves crossing Cook Strait in a row boat, running into all sorts of drama and misadventures. With guest appearances by Tim Shadbolt, Kiwi sporting legends, stars from the X Factor, a few politicians brave enough to appear and many more, it’s a good old mix of Aotearoa’s best. "It seemed like a great idea, said Guy, "my lanky 6'5" frame is already funny when stretched head-to-toe in lycra, but combined with riding a tiny bike it's what's known in the industry as comedy gold!"

CLICK HERE to check out all the photos of Jono and Ben (and Guy's) tour of New Zealand and tune in on Friday 23rd of August to watch all the action!

The X Factor on Cure Kids

The X Factor NZ

Your Friday night starts right now! All your favourite The X Factor stars are back for one night only! Stan Walker and Ruby Frost open the show alongside Guy Sebastian, Arj Barker, Chopper and other stars, with Cassie, Tom, Benny and Moorhous making appearances through the night with Jono & Ben. Then the tables are turned as Jackie Thomas joins the judging panel! The X Factor winner won’t be pulling any punches as a judge in Sports Factor alongside Mike McRoberts and Colin Mathura-Jeffree.

Sports Factor, the All Blacks and sports stars

Similar to The X Factor NZ, but not really at all, Sports Factor will pit our greatest TV3 comedians (Ben Hurley, Steve Wrigley and Ewen Gilmour) against some of New Zealand’s finest athletes (Chris Martin, Josh Kronfeld and Hayley Holt). With Mark Richardson presenting, we’ll feature a panel of top-notch judges (Jackie Thomas, 3 News’s Mike McRoberts and Colin Mathura-Jeffree) as they critique and assess the categories of weight lifting, rhythmic gymnastics and the high-dive. If that wasn’t enough, we’ll be having plenty of fun with the All Blacks and other Kiwi sports stars in a prank they definitely didn’t see coming!

Super City

Featuring Kiwi super-star Madeline Sami (Pasha) coming to us from Hollywood, we have a very special Comedy for Cure Kids extraordinary piece packed full of Kiwi stars in the city of Los Angeles. See Kimbra, Ladyhawke, Craig Parker, Anna Hutchinson, Fleur Saville and many more in this Super City, Red Nose Day themed extravaganza.

Rhys Darby & Flight of the Conchords

After the smash-hit success of Feel Inside (and stuff like that), we’ll be joined by Rhys Darby and Kirsten Schaal in New York , alongside a mockumentary fronted by Jeremy Wells. Wells provides us an update on life after super-song-stardom… with an extra special treat from Flight of the Conchords fresh fromTimes Square in NYC busking and getting people to sing last years hit, “Feel Inside (and Stuff Like That)”

Satisfied? Because we’ve got more – so tune in to catch some surprise guests… when we said the biggest night of comedy ever, we weren't joking!

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