About Ewen Gilmour

Ewen Gilmour - Westie!Ewen Gilmour is a comedian, marriage celebrant, and a self-confessed petrol head.

The one-time car wrecker and radiator repairman owns two cars and five motorbikes including a much-prized Triumph Bonneville. Ewen drives more than fifty thousand km’s a year doing gigs around the country.

1997 Ewen won the inaugural Billy T award for outstanding comedy. In the same year the dedicated Westie was was declared a “cultural ambassador” for Waitakere.

Ewen went on to serve the West Auckland City that he loves as a Councillor from 2003-2006.

Television appearances include Dancing With The Stars, where he made his mark by riding his Triumph onto the stage, Intrepid Journeys, Here To Stay and 7 Days.