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Bus Driving Madness

Bus Driving Madness

Catching the bus is something that many people avoid; for others it’s part of their daily routine.

Some hail the bus as a more environmentally friendly choice than driving.

Rising petrol costs, parking problems, and traffic can all make commuting by bus a better option than travelling by car.

For others taking the bus is the only option.

But weather you’re doing it to save the rainforest, save on parking, or because you have no other way – taking the bus, can be a heck of a ride.

This bus driver makes an unscheduled stop – into a wall.


And this one got tripped up at an intersection.


This driver takes out a slow moving cyclist.


But being the biggest isn’t always protection. Look out for low bridges


And this one gets taken down by a mere pedestrian.


This is why you should park your Porsche at a bus stop.


And here’s the worst part of catching a bus – waiting at a bus stop.


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