Rocked the Nation: 100 NZ Sporting Moments is the third installment of the highly successful and critically acclaimed Rocked The Nation documentary series. With a focus on our rich sporting history, we celebrate NZ triumphs, remarkable feats and notorious moments. Read More... Test your sporting knowledge with our Rugby and Cricket Quiz here.

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100 Sporting Moments

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Host Dai Henwood

Dai Henwood Dai Henwood was born and raised in Wellington, he trained in Theatre and Film at Victoria University.

From there he moved into Stand-up comedy winning best new face in 1999’s Pulp Comedy on TV and the prestigious Billy T Award in 2002. From there Dai toured to Melbourne and Edinburgh in 2003.

In 2004/5 he performed the sell-out shows “The Hot Stepper” and “Champagne Table Tennis,” in the New Zealand International Comedy Festival as well as performing at the Tokyo Comedy Store and all around Britain and Melbourne. Read More...