About Sunny Skies

Sunny Skies is a new local comedy to TV3 starring Oliver Driver (Sunrise, The Almighty Johnsons) and Tammy Davis (Outrageous Fortune) as two brothers who unwittingly discover they’ve inherited a campground.

Cheerful slacker Deano (Davis)and uptight city guy Oscar (Driver) discover they are brothers when, much to their surprise, they both inherit a holiday camp from their estranged and recently dead father, Gary Wilde. Dad had one stipulation: these two have to run the camping ground together or they lose it - they can only sell it if they both agree. It’s Dad’s way of bringing his family together, even if it’s after he’s dead.

The brothers are different in every way imaginable. They certainly can’t agree on the future of the camp. Deano feels that he’s found a place where his life will make sense whereas Oscar wants to sell the prime coastal land and take the millions. For now they’re stuck with each other.

Complicating matters is the attractive (though it has to be said, slightly shady) camp manager Nicki who believes she should have inherited the place; Gunna, the surfy maintenance manager who’s smoked a little too much dack; and Deano’s determined, manipulative, pre-teen daughter Charlotte, who’s not very happy about the idea of living at a camping ground.

Sunny Skies is created by Mike Smith and Paul Yates

Sunny Skies Video Extras

Oliver Driver chats about his character Oscar

Oliver chats about his character Oscar

Oliver Driver tells us about "failed business guy" Oscar

Tammy chats about his character Deano

Tammy Chats about his character Deano

Tammy Davis discusses his character Deano

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