Meet the Super City Citizens

Ray Donaldson

Ray Donaldson

RAY DONALDSON, 62, a British panel beater. He is determined to help his wife, Tiffany (Helen Aloiai) win the female bodybuilding champs. Ray juggles this and his panel beating business with hairbrained schemes to try to keep everyone happy.

Ray has a heart of gold and is a good boss to his immigrant employees. Mechanic, Mannish (Mohit Sharma) and Tiffany’s best friend Bunny (Melissa Walen) frequently bring him back to reality.

“I have a garage full’o’sick cars so make it quick m’lovely.”

“If I did it by the book I wouldn’t have two cents to rub together. Let alone pay for all your protein powders.”

“Oh Mannish, ya cheeky darkie.”

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