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The End of the World As We Know It: Season 3, Episode 13

The End of the World As We Know It: The Almighty Johnsons, Season 3, Episode 13

The Johnsons and their associated significant others, are coming to grips with the news that they will soon be wishing farewell to their Godly side, which will ascend to Asgard, leaving them as mere mortals. Anders is not happy about this – he wanted to be a God on this Earth, not in Asgard where all the other Gods will inevitably pick on Bragi. Ty, meanwhile, is extremely depressed – because when Hod leaves him (which is good) Dawn will forget him (which is very very bad). Dawn is adamant this will not happen. Zeb too is foreseeing a time when he will wipe Axl from his memory banks (and this makes him sad) but Axl doesn’t seem to notice this, because he’s more worried about the fact that Hanna seems to have chosen Mike as her Odin. And if the activity at Mike’s place is anything to go by, this is indeed the case, as Mike and Hanna wind up in bed together – again.

Which is when an earthquake hits; Jormungand, it seems, is stirring – big time.

In the wake of the earthquake we find Michele, walking the streets; which is odd, given that the last time we saw Michele she was most definitely dead. Her journey leads her to Anders’ apartment, where she takes him to bed, in need of a warm human body – and apparently on a bit of a schedule.

Mike wakes up to find that Hanna has done her disappearing act again; which is probably just as well because his next visitor of Axl; on a mission to convince Mike to give up his pursuit of Frigg, for the good of the planet – which has apparently taken something of a global hammering courtesy of Jormungand. But no way is Mike going to bend to Axl’s will – especially when the final verdict isn’t yet in on who is or isn’t Odin. He does, however, see that there is definitely something in the whole global disaster thing and agrees that they need to talk to Hanna.

But when Axl and Mike get to Hanna’s house she is not there – Heimdall has transported her someplace else, leaving no trail Mike can follow. What they do fin, however, is the bloodied hammer Martin used to bludgeon Michele. Mike knows exactly where Michele is – lying, curled up in a ball, on his bed; paralysed by too many possibilities in too little time. For it transpires that Hanna’s God-power is to breathe life back into the dead; which is what she has done to Michele. Unfortunately for Michele this ‘life’ will only power her mortal body for as long as Hanna is Frigg. Thus, when Hanna chooses her Odin and they ascend to Asgard, Michele will die.

Thus the God squad gathers again (except for Ty and Dawn, who are busy implementing Dawn’s plan to not forget Ty), and the Goddesses take Michele off for some love, as the rest of them argue. Mike is adamant that in the wake of what happened to Michele, they shouldn’t believe anything Martin/Heimdall says. But the meeting is broken up prematurely, as Axl stalks out, with Olaf heading off to think about things. Anders and Mike are left, sharing a beer, trying to patch up their relationship in the wake of Anders sleeping with Michele.

Axl has gone round to the boarding house where Martin/Heimdall lives. Hanna is there, also looking for her brother. There is a huge snake drawn on the wall now. As Axl asks Hanna what she knows about Jormungand, Martin emerges from the wardrobe, carrying a ghetto-blaster, with which he proceeds to play some jazz music. This, it transpires, is Martin’s version of Heimdall blowing his horn to signal the advent of Ragnarok – the end of the world.

Thus it is that Hanna comes to Mike; to do the right thing and tell him she has made her choice, and that Axl is the true and rightful Odin. She then goes to Axl, to tell him that she is his Queen. News of the impending union spreads to the Goddesses where they learn the ceremony will be tomorrow morning – a death sentence for Michele; who promptly announces she is off to steal a very expensive car.

And so our God squad pass their last night as Gods on Earth. Olaf, Stacey and Ingrid end up getting very messy at the beach; while Dawn tries to reassure Ty that their plan will work; and Axl and Zeb pass the time the best way they know how, by drinking beer and playing video games.  Meanwhile Michele turns up back at Mike’s, in search of a fun last night. Mike removes the stick from his butt and the three of them head out to a casino, where Mike’s powers mean they win everything; while Anders’ power means he can sweet-talk the casino staff that there is nothing out of the ordinary to see here; and then Michele has a great time losing all the money they have won.  Even the news that Colin has burnt down Mike’s bar cannot dampen the evening.

But the next morning they must all face the Ga, in a forest (of course) where Hanna runs the show, which starts with Martin tied to a couple of trees, the gateway to the Bifrost bridge to Asgard. And after a ceremony involving Hanna carving runes onto Martin’s body; the shedding of Axl’s blood and a promise to Michele that, as Odin, he will bring her back to life; and then a blinding white light (the pure light) the deed is done, the Gods are returned to Asgard and the mortal shells are left behind.
And Martin is gone. And Michele is dead. But only for a moment, as she reanimates, cursing the headache she has. Axl is rapt – Odin, you the man!

Then Axl does the wisest thing he has ever done. Now that he and Hanna are mortals, he dumps her – because, as mortals he knows she has way more in common with Mike than him. And Mike and Hanna are happy. And Axl is happy because he saved the world – awesome! But as they leave the scene of the Ga, Colin pauses to drop a ruby to the ground. One last piece of mischief from Loki? Maybe we will never know.

As everyone goes about their (now) mortal lives, a couple of pieces of business remain to be cleared up. Ty has a package to deliver to Dawn – who no longer remembers him. It is a flash drive with a clip she needs to watch; and some cupcakes. Ty watches Dawn as she watches the movie she and Ty have made, telling her of their love that she will have forgotten. At the end of it Dawn approaches Ty – I remember you. As they kiss, up pops Anders – have you told her about me yet?

Axl delivers a pizza to his own flat; the one where Zeb is wondering what happened to his old flatmate – the mystery man, as he calls him. Axl, totally on top of things, charms his way back into the house – maybe if Zeb is looking for a flatmate, he could move in? 

And he introduces himself…

“I’m Axl. Axl Johnson.”


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