Last Season's Bachelor

Jordan Mauger

Age: 32

Occupation: Film and TV Production

City: Auckland and Christchurch

Age - 32 years old

Where is he from - Jordan grew up in Christchurch with two younger siblings. His father owns and runs a large contracting company that his grandfather set up and his mother is a dental nurse in Kapiti. Jordan divides his time between his houses in Grey Lynn and Christchurch.

What does he do?
Jordan works in the film industry. He works as a 2nd Assistant Director and he has dabbled in acting, but believes his calling lies more in the craft of film production. When he is in between film jobs, he loves nothing more than to head back to Christchurch to drive a digger for his father and ‘lean on a shovel’.

Favourite things? He loves travelling, art, movies, playing guitar and collecting cars; he has a ’65 Mustang and an 81 DeLorean.

His friends would describe him as: Fun, expressive, the social-event-liaison-guy, passionate about what he commits to, spontaneous and confident.

His ideal woman is: charismatic, athletic, striking and someone who has a good sense of humour.

Ideal first date: He loves taking a woman to karaoke to see how she can perform.

What made you want to be The Bachelor NZ?
I was trying to renew my car rego and filled out the wrong form. Ha!

To any person outside The Bachelor it must seem like a crazy task to take on. But to be honest meeting someone and the dating scene these days is crazy too. For me, it was great to be able to set aside some time to focus on meeting someone. The girls who fly under these circumstances will be the stand outs. What a unique and special way to meet a girl, who in turn will be unique and special to me.”

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