Tonight's Schedule

17:00 Entertainment Tonight Weekend
A wrap up of the biggest entertainment stories of the last week.
Nibbler enlists Fry in a mission to blow up evil brains bent on destroying the universe. S5 Ep8
18:30 All New Slide Show on demand
New Episode. Hosted by Grant Denyer, and feature Kiwi comedian Cal Wilson and Australian comedian Toby Truslove, Slide Show sees two teams of personalities battle it out in a series of improvisations. S1 Ep10
19:30 All New Glee on demand
New Episode. A pushy, tightly wound tween wants to book New Directions for his bar mitzvah. S6 Ep9
20:30 New Girl
Nick and Schmidt are both attracted to the same beautiful woman during a guys' night out. Elsewhere, Winston falls for a girl, but she doesn't return his affections. S2 Ep15
21:00 The GC TELETEXT CAPTIONING PG 801 repeat
Tame finally spills the beans with regards to his late night shenanigans. S1 Ep3
21:30 World's Greatest Heroes on demand
The remarkable stories of ordinary people who find themselves risking their lives to save others or stopping criminals in their tracks.
18:00 3 News
3 News presents comprehensive coverage of global and local news.
19:00 The X Factor NZ hd on demand
New Episode. The Boot Camp stage heats up as the Top 24 contestants vie for a seat in the gruelling 6 Chair Challenge. S2 Ep7
20:35 Sunday Blockbuster: The A-Team TELETEXT CAPTIONING PG 801 repeathd5.1 Dolby Digital
The A-Team follows the daring exploits of a colourful team of former Special Forces soldiers who were set up for a crime they did not commit. Going 'rogue', they utilise their unique talents to try and clear their names and find the true culprit. Starring Liam Neeson, Bradley Cooper, and Jessica Biel. (2010)