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Who Should Win Garage and Laundry Week?

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Season 5 Ep 36

Season 5 Ep 36

The challenge sees one team receive a game changing reward. Later, the rule breakers get a serious financial penalty; and a minor car crash could put one team?s renovation in jeopardy. S5 Ep36

Dyls And Dylz Finally Unlock Their Safe

Kids, don't try this at home...

When Things Turned Ugly

This is Dyls and Dylz's second offence, and Wolfy has to make an example of them. However, Dyls and Dylz don't take to the punishment kindly.

Which Team Was The Most Neighborly?

The teams have completed their 24-hour odd jobs tasks for the community and collected their money. But only one team can be the winners.

How To Win Dylz's Heart

Dylz describes the top 10 traits you must have to be his dream partner.

Courtney Gets A Surprise Visit

Courtney gives her fiance Joe, a tour of their house.

Real and embarrassing stories revealed!

The teams expose each other's dirty little secrets.

Elegant Wall Frame For Endless Inspiration

Show off those beautiful memories by creating an elegant wall frame that will look stunning on any wall.
Season 5 Ep 35

Season 5 Ep 35

A massive budget blow threatens one team. Then, in an agonising 24-hour challenge, will the mind games and strategising prove all too much? S5 Ep35

The 24 Hour Odd Jobs Challenge - Part Three

Each team are in dire need of some money, and what better way to earn it than to challenge them to complete odd jobs for the community within 24 hours!