The Block NZ

The Block NZ is gearing up for its third year, with four new teams and four houses to renovate with the goal of selling them at auction for the highest price.

Each team keeps the profit from the sale of their property on auction night, and the winning team takes home an extra prize of $80,000.

In the last season of The Block NZ, teams left their everyday lives behind and moved into four run-down houses in the seaside suburb of Belmont, on Auckland’s North Shore. They had ten weeks to renovate their new homes, room-by-room and challenge-by-challenge, under extreme time pressure and with a strictly limited budget – while TV crews followed their every move.

Alisa and Koan, Pete and Andy, Alice and Caleb, and Loz and Tom became nationwide stars. Block-a-holics around the country enjoyed following their journey on TV, online and through a massive social media following. More than 10,000 people queued to meet the teams in person, ask Pete to marry them and scrutinise their efforts, in two public Open Home events.

Over ONE MILLION New Zealanders tuned in during the two-hour finale of The Block NZ in which Alice and Caleb won the contest – and a life-changing $261,000 - after an action-packed auction broadcast LIVE on TV3.




Sale Price

How much $ they won

1C Eversleigh Rd

Alice and Caleb (House 1)

$ 945,000

$ 1,126,000

$181,000 (+$80,000)

1D Eversleigh Rd

Alisa and Koan (House 2)

$ 948,000

$ 1,014,000


1E Eversleigh Rd

Pete and Andy (House 3)

$ 925,000

$ 952,500


1F Eversleigh Rd

Loz and Tom (House 4)

$ 922,000

$ 947,000


This year promises to be even bigger and better than ever; stay tuned and keep checking back right here for all the latest on the most exciting season of The Block NZ yet!



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