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Freestyling On The Block NZ - Outtake

Exclusive full performance! The talented Lenny Dyer performs a stellar freestyle of the Block NZ.

Tea Pot Terrarium

A great idea to give new life to something that you already own!

Show and Tell!

What are a few things the teams can't live without?
Season 5 Ep16

Season 5 Ep16

Dinner Wars continues, but will there be voting retribution after one team's earlier strategic scoring? Then shocking styling similarities sees two houses at war! S5 Ep16

Honesty Is The Best Policy

Niki and Tiff tell Dyls and Dylz how they really feel...Part 2 of Dyls and Dylz Dinner Wars.

Dyls And Dylz Carefree Cook Out

You can trust Dyls and Dylz to provide a chill night out, but have they forgotten some vital ingredients from the Dinner Wars brief?

Confessions Of A Chairaholic

Tiff may have a problem...

Dyls Sticky Note Surprise

Can Dyls live up to Wolfkamp's high standards?

Stop Stealing Our Ideas

It's copy cats and peeping toms.

Nailing It With These 10 Tools

Puns that will make your day!