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The most shocking room reveal ever

The teams just learned a very important lesson: you must always follow the rules!

The final verdict

Jamie and Hayden definitely made a bold choice...will the judges like their backsplash?

The proposal

Which lucky lady do you think will put a ring on it? Make sure you’ve got a box of tissues ready…

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The Block NZ Extras AMP 6

Room reveal as seen by Morepork - Sarah and Minannes kitchen

Watch what a Morepork video camera captured as Sarah and Minanne's kitchen comes together.

What do you think?

Let us know what you think of Jamie and Hayden's idea of a graffiti splash back in their kitchen.

Choose the right product is always important

...and Cat knows it well!

The teams see the exterior of their houses for the first time

...and they all seem very happy!

Game changer time

This time the teams need to build a mailbox! Who's gonna win?

The house on the corner

The secret of house 4 is not a secret anymore, and it seems that's got Cat thinking...Could house 3 be on the other street too?