The Block Triple Threat


This year we celebrate the tenth series of The Block.

Nine will become four in the most exciting start The Block has ever seen. The Block Triple Threat will begin with six teams of fresh-faced and energised “newbies” who have no idea what they are in for - and that starts from the moment they arrive.

There’s quite a bit of renovation/building site/design experience in the new series, with at least one partner up to speed with what it takes to initiate and execute a renovation. Another team has a lot of big ideas and zero experience. The first week of eliminations with the six new teams will show if experience counts.

Around the corner from The Block that will eventually go to auction is an apartment complex that will serve as ‘Elimination Central’. Here, the six “newbies” will be challenged with producing a bedroom overnight to survive instant elimination. The remaining five will then have two days to produce a living/dining area before another is eliminated. Then four teams will have three days to produce a bathroom before we are left with the three triumphant teams who will move on to The Block.

They may think that six becoming three is the actual Triple Threat, but it’s not that straightforward. They will be going head-to-head with three seasoned Blockhead teams chosen from past series.

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