Charlie - The office eye candy


Rose also worked with Charlie Bryson, one of the junior lawyers at Mosely & Loveridge. He seems fun and harmless, loads of energetic and actually very charming. He’s the kind of guy who is always the office joker, someone who finds life pretty sweet.

His role at the firm probably come on a silver platter thanks to his family connections and $$. Although there could be some dodgy family history in there somewhere, white collar crime that sort of thing. Worth keeping an eye on.

The life of happy-go-lucky Charlie isn’t quite as rosy as it seems. Although he might have been a party boy who grew up with a silver spoon in his mouth, Charlie’s father is now in jail for his involvement in a ponzi scheme. By the sounds of it he has been keeping a pretty low profile since that went public.

Seems like Charlie also has a nasty drug habit – could P have driven him to do something crazy and hurt Rose? Or maybe he needed money and was trying to convince Rose to cut him in on some of the cash that they where dishing out to Lancaster Investors. Daddy’s in prison and apparently the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree…..

Charlie was following Rose the night she died - Helen had asked him to keep an eye on the PA who seemed to have far too much sway over Simon. Charlie took Rose to his boat to try and get away from Villiers and that's when she told him about the DVD. Rose wanted to go to the police and expose everything but Charlie was afraid Peterson would be implicated. If Peterson went to prison, who would help with his father's appeal?

The pair struggled and Rose lost her footing on the deck of the boat. She fell onto the concrete jetty, cracking her head open. Charlie was afraid of ending up like his father, locked up for the rest of his life. He decided to cover it up, pushing her body into the water to make it look like an accidental drowning.

Who would have thought it - the office eye candy turns out to be a killer? It was an accident, an unfortunate accident but does that make it any better?

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Persons of Interest


Charlie - The office eye candy

Rose also worked with Charlie Bryson, one of the junior lawyers at Mosely & Loveridge. He seems fun and harmless, loads of energetic and actually very charming.

the Blue Rose - Helen

Helen - Partner At M&L

Helen is a partner at M&L. She comes across as a highly intelligent and professional woman.


Felicity - The Jealous Wife

We can officially cross Felicity off the suspect list. She may have wanted to hurt Rose and is most definitely certifiable, but she isn't the killer.

The Man With The Neck Tattoo

The Man With The Neck Tattoo

The man with the neck tattoo is Karl Villiers, a member of a biker gang and not a nice person by all accounts. He knows Helen, a partner at M&L, from her days working as a criminal attorney.


Simon - The boss

Simon Frost is, sorry WAS, Rose’s boss. He is a partner at Mosely & Loveridge. He’s an over-achiever who’s been with the firm since he graduated.

Homless Guy - ???

Homeless Guy (David Quilter) - Ex cop and witness to the murder

Is this the same guy that the cops are looking for? Did he see what happened to Rose and if he did then why won’t he come forward?

Amy - PA  and gold digger

Amy - PA and gold digger

Amy is Peterson's PA and also his bit on the side. She seems submissive and quiet, putting up with his angry rants and misogynistic comments.


Rose - The dead PA

Rose was a legal PA at Mosely & Loveridge, one of Auckland's most prestigious (and most expensive) law firms. The staff there say that she was a dedicated worker and a devoted young mum to daughter, Nina.

The Blue Rose - Barry

Barry - The HR Man

The HR manager at M&L and a man who is apparently not above using his position to pick up dates.

Sonya Whitwell - The ex employee

Sonya Whitwell - The ex employee

The mysterious S. J. Whitwell turns out to be Sonya – she used to work at M&L in the accounts department before she got given the boot.

Grant - The ex-husband, ex-drug addict

Grant is Rose’s former husband and an ex P addict. This is the guy you definitely don’t want to bring home to meet your parents. It’s pretty hard to believe that a person as nice as Rose ended up with such an ass.

Derek Peterson - The corporate fat cat

Derek Peterson - The corporate fat cat

Derek Peterson is a wealthy financier and entrepreneur. He’s known in the corporate world for his ruthless business practices – you wouldn’t want to get on his bad side!


Linda - The best friend

Linda was Rose’s best friend and godmother to her daughter Nina. The two girls met in business college where they were both studying to become secretaries.

Jane March

Jane - The replacement

Jane is the new legal PA to Simon. Friendly and well-meaning, she is a lot like Rose actually. She seems clever and hard-working but quiet and relatively boring.


Krystle - The office bitch

Krystle is definitely a good-looking woman, but she comes across as cold and is bound to be a bit of a bitch. It's doubtful Rose and her were friends.


Ganesh - The IT nerd

Ganesh is the I.T manager at Mosely & Loveridge and is insanely suspicious, or are all I.T people just like that? He has that built-in social awkwardness.

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