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Robin Williams On The Graham Norton Show

Robin Williams On The Graham Norton Show

We celebrate the ineffable, inimitable Robin Williams by looking back at his best moments on The Graham Norton Show

Seth MacFarlane Kermit The Frog Impression

EXTRA: Seth MacFarlane Does 'Taken' Speech As Kermit The Frog

Seth MacFarlane shows off his considerable voice actor skills by delivering the infamous 'Taken' speech as Kermit the Frog



Graham Norton, the multi-award winning comedy talk-show host, presents his brand-new talk show based on the people, trends, stories and aspects of celebrity culture that interest him most.

Expect trademark Norton comedy monologues, celebrity chat, eccentric stories and characters, and home-grown weirdness from the public.

The show is all about the stuff that you won’t see on the news - from celebrity guests' anecdotes, through the sillier stories buzzing round the wires to the unique quirks and obsessions of the Norton audience.