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The Great Food Race

The Great Food Race

In this brand new competition, there are no restaurants and no dreams of becoming a professional chef. Our contestants are inspired by great home cooking, they love entertaining and providing their guests with an experience to remember. They also believe that they can provide these things anywhere in New Zealand – or the world.

Eight teams of two from around the country, consisting of partners, lifelong friends and in-laws will showcase their skills to prove their worth in The Great Food Race.


The Great Food Race airs 7pm Sundays!

Meet the Teams


Host and Judges

Lorenzo and Leonardo

Leonardo and Lorenzo Bresolin

Leonardo and Lorenzo were born into the Wellington hospitality industry. Their father, Venetian born, Remiro Bresolin, opened the first pizzeria in New Zealand, and then started Wellington's first recognised fine dining restaurant, the celebrated Il Casino.

Zoe Marshall

Zoe Marshall

Zoe Marshall has appeared on Australian TV screens on Nine’s Mornings and Eclipse Music TV and has also performed in a range of independent short films and theatre productions

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