Meet The Host

Zoe Marshall

Zoe is excited to be given the opportunity of a lifetime to host a show that has two of her all-time favourite things - food and travel.

Zoe has appeared on Australian TV screens on Nine’s Mornings and Eclipse Music TV and has also performed in a range of independent short films and theatre productions.

Zoe and her sportsman husband Benji have recently moved to New Zealand and she has loved the opportunity to get to know our country better.

“New Zealand is the complete opposite of what everyone from Sydney told me. 

"Auckland is completely cosmopolitan, it is full of fabulous people and fabulous restaurants - it totally holds its own next to any other major city.

"The rest of New Zealand is exquisite, from Akaroa to Nelson, each region has its own individual vibe going on. The one thing in common is the people are incredibly warm and genuine and you don't need to look far for a delicious meal.”

Zoe says that The Great Food Race is like nothing ever seen before on TV. It’s about normal, everyday people, put into extreme challenges, who are then asked to whip up a fab meal after running around a whole country doing unique tasks. “It's hilarious, touching and very delicious”

Zoe herself loves to cook and when she gets a chance, relishes the opportunity to make really clean, lean meals for Benji. “When I'm on the road I adapt to my surroundings and enjoy myself. So when I get home it's time to reign it in and get a bit of balance back.”

In saying that, if friends come over that all goes out the window and she loves to cook Benji’s favourite chicken schnitzel with mushroom cream sauce.

Benji will have to wait though because  Zoe’s schedule on the action packed series will take her to beautiful locations both here in NZ and across the world. Zoe believes this show is going to be addictive.

“The Great Food Race is a mix of the wonderful characters on each team and the insane things I ask them to do. Sometimes I can't believe what I've just asked them to do - I don't know if I could've done half those things... I promise I'm not that mean off the show!”

Her final last words for the teams,

“Adapt. It's the only way to survive. This is not a show to be on if you're a control freak.”

Meet The Judges

Loerenzo and Leonardo

Leonardo Bresolin
Born and raised in Wellington, Leonardo is a graduate of the famous Swiss Hotel Management School. He lived and travelled extensively around Europe before returning home to work alongside his father at Il Casino. In 2006 he opened his first business interest, Scopa Caffe Cucina.
His hands on management technique and eye for detail has contributed to recognition from his industry peers including receiving the Outstanding Front Of House Manager title at Wellington's Capital Awards. Now, at 33, he is the father of two beautiful sons, Remiro and Lucero, with his partner Wiki.
Leonardo now has the chance to share his expertise with The Great Food Race Teams. His tip for them to get ahead in the competition are "If you’re cooking simple, it’s got to be perfect but with the most important aspect being to cook from the heart and enjoy it".

He believes the best explanation of what viewers can expect on The Great Food Race is  "a roller coaster ride of crazy cooking challenges that will not only test the team’s ability to cook under pressure and outside their normal cooking conditions,  but also their competitive streak"


Leonardo’s cooking motto

"Good food, good wine, good company - Great times!"


Lorenzo Bresolin
Lorenzo, 31, famed host and raconteur, is also known for his cheeky sense of humour and outrageous moustache! From a very early age he would often remark that one day he would open his own restaurant. After finishing his schooling, he travelled to Venice where he worked in the same restaurants, for the same family where his father Remiro worked his summers when he was younger man. It was here Lorenzo soaked up the European culture and history of his heritage.
On returning to Wellington, he honed his skills working alongside established hospitality legends before founding Boulot with his father, and then Scopa Caffe Cucina alongside Leonardo.
Lorenzo's prominence in the industry saw him become the youngest recipient of the Outstanding Contribution to Wellington Hospitality title in Wellington's Capital Awards.

Lorenzo is excited about his journey with the teams on The Great Food Race. He believes the series is going to take teams out of their culinary comfort zones, “lots of people are confident cooks when they are in their own kitchen cooking with ingredients that they like to use... it can be quite a different story when they have their kitchen and their ingredients removed from the equation.”
He has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to food and while many tips come to mind for the teams, his main tip is “Cook what you love. The way to most people’s hearts is through their tummies. When food has been made with love, you can really taste it.”

Lorenzo’s cooking motto:
“Generosity in one’s food is a great attribute and restraint is a very important ingredient

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