About The Jono Project

The Jono Project - Friday, 10pm.

Moving to TV3 from it's old home on C4, starring host Jono Pryor, comedian Guy Williams, and television presenter Shannon Ryan in a half hour of media commentary, analysis and deconstruction in a world that tends to take itself a little too seriously.

Last year the comedy series ruffled feathers most memorably after researcher Guy Williams infiltrated TVNZ and was interviewed by Paul Henry on Breakfast, eventually making the front page of the New Zealand Herald in what was dubbed as ‘The Great Breakfast Hoax’.

Jono will attempt to pull the show together each week, shooting in the basement of the TV3 building, and drawing on resources that are not necessarily at his disposal, his mission, however, remains the same; the show must get to air. He is flanked by comedian Guy Williams, television presenter Shannon Ryan, and has Jimmy the Dwarf running his TV studio and contributing to the show.

In an attempt to break local news convention of reporting on Auckland centric issues, Guy Williams launches a crusade to bring issues affecting the rest of New Zealand to the table, along the way meeting some true kiwi battlers.

Shannon Ryan rounds out the cast as a satire news reporter. In a comment on the often incredulous and uber-hyped news reporting that so often graces our screens, she’s on the beat and pulse of the most shocking, ridiculous but potentially plausible news stories.