About The New Normal

About The New Normal

Bryan and David are a Los Angeles couple, and they have it all. Well, almost.

With successful careers and a committed, loving partnership, there is one thing that this couple is missing: a baby. And just when they think the stars will never align, enter Goldie, an extraordinary young woman with a checkered past. A Midwestern waitress and single mother looking to escape her dead-end life and small-minded grandmother, Goldie decides to change everything and move to L.A. with her eight-year-old daughter. Desperate and broke - but also fertile - Goldie quickly becomes the guys' surrogate and quite possibly the girl of their dreams.

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Latest Interviews

Bebe wood

Bebe Wood Interview

The youngest cast member, Bebe Wood, talks about her favourite scene and some of the central relationships in the show.

Nene Leaks

Nene Leakes Interview

Nene Leakes talks about her role in The New Normal and what audiences can expect from the show.

Ellen Barkin

Ellen Barkin Interveiw

Ellen Barkin talks about her character and how the definition of a 'normal' family is changing.

Latest News

Cast of The New Normal Respond To Controversy

Cast of The New Normal Respond To Controversy

The cast of The New Normal respond to criticism of the show by One Million Moms. The American group has boycotted the show for being "harmful to our society."