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Herald review of The Radio

From The NZ Herald Tuesday 12th February

"The Radio is smart, modern funny stuff. Made, by the look of it, of the sniff of an oily accountant's cuff, the series stars the pair playing themseleves as duelling co-hosts on a radio breakfast show with ficitonal station The Radio where the boast is they're "making your life 28 per cent better".

"It's funny stuff. It's stand-up sitting down, with guests and more laughs than I could count."

"Urzila Carlson is a volcano waiting to erupt as their surley receptionist and there's a clever turn where The Radio becomes and offhand interview show. Here's to more happy abuse in the coming weeks." - Colin Hogg

You - the listener - have listened and told us what you think of The Radio! Here are your letters

Hi Jeremy and Paul,

Boris - The Radio Listener View

I'd just like to let you know that you play the same song on repeat all day. I'm not sure if you've realised this. I was flicking through the stations and came across The Radio FM. Ad an avid fan of Hevvy FM I was excited to discover this new station.

If you'd like some more music to play I have a collection of 15 1970s Greatest Hits CDs. I also have some cassette tapes of great songs I've recorded off Hevvy FM so you could play those too.

Looking forward to seeing this letter published and getting my name online!

Best regards
Boris Welch

Yo TheRadioFM,

Play decent music!

Had enough. My car radio is broken, it's stuck on your station and my CD player no longer works.

Don't bother publishing this letter, just get some better music

Chris S.

Hi guys,

You called me announcing that I was the winner of your competition to meet the best rock band in the world The Sneaky Pumpkins.

I still haven't heard back from you. When am I meeting them????

Confused and angry,

Station changer

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