About The Ridges

      The Ridges

They are the most talked about mother and daughter duo in New Zealand; tabloid fodder and twitter targets who are famous for being famous. But who are Sally and Jaime Ridge…really?

Vacuous, shallow, attention seekers who grace the Sunday gossip columns week after week? Or simply misunderstood? A dysfunctional mother/daughter relationship? Or are a close parent and child who love spending time together?

Meet the real people behind all those headlines in this surprisingly candid, funny and heart-warming reality series, from the producers of Secret Lives of Dancers.

Sally and Jaime open the doors to their home and open their hearts to our cameras – in their words: "we have nothing to lose, and nothing to hide – know us before you judge us."

We start filming as both Sally and Jaime embark on massive personal challenges. Sally has just bought a rundown, mouse-ridden 13 bedroom boarding house and needs to get it liveable for her family of four children to move in pronto. Working with a limited budget this single mother will have to draw on all her experience as an interior designer to pull it off.

Meanwhile Jaime – a self proclaimed book nerd with zero fitness – is invited to fight in a high profile boxing event. With just five weeks to train for it and against her mother’s, and her agent Sara Tetro’s wishes, the headstrong 18-year-old says 'yes'.

What ensues is a highly emotional - and often hilarious - rollercoaster that threatens to drive a wedge between this previously inseparable mother and daughter.

This six part series is an endearingly honest window into life on the celebrity circuit, the glamour of Auckland’s nightlife and the reality of those people we love to hate.