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Melanie Blatt on The X Factor NZ

Melanie Blatt is best known as the ex-lead vocalist of acclaimed British band All Saints, who went on to sell 10 million albums, win numerous global awards and were widely regarded as the most credible girl band the UK has ever produced. The band stormed the charts in 1997 with their debut single, "I Know Where It’s At".

Stan Walker on The X Factor NZ

Multi-platinum recording artist Stan Walker launched his career with a bang when he won the seventh and last season of Australian Idol in 2009. He has sold more than 80,000 albums in New Zealand, with triple platinum sales of his debut album ‘Introducing’ and platinum sales of 'From The Inside Out'.

Daniel Bedingfield The X Factor NZ

Daniel Bedingfield's pop wizardry earned him a BRIT Award, six U.K. Top 10 singles and 4 million in album sales from 2001 to ’04. Now, after eight years, the songwriter who rocketed to the top of the pop world with "Gotta Get Thru This" is back in a huge way, with new batches of genre-splicing, pulse-pounding music.

Ruby Frost on The X Factor NZ

Catch Ruby Frost on stage, and the eclectic pink-haired singer has a commanding presence – belting out her unique style of electronic pop. Catch her off it, and she's an insomniac songwriter who works late into the night, fusing pop hooks with electro samples and disco beats.


Dominic Bowden - Host of The X Factor NZ
Dominic Bowden host of The X Factor NZ

Dominic Bowden has been at the forefront of television in New Zealand for the past decade, becoming a Kiwi household name when he hosted NZ Idol. Currently based in California, Bowden has had the opportunity to work behind the scenes on The X Factor USA and knows the series well.

Dominic Bowden meets hopefuls at The X Factor auditions in Auckland

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Dominic and Simon at The X Factor USA

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Dom bio

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