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Meet Caito Potatoe

Caito Potato

The X Factor RAW will be hosted by social media queen Caito Potatoe, aka 17 year-old newcomer Internet superstar Caitlin.

What are you studying at school? Do you know what you want to do when you finish?
At the moment I am in Year 13 and am studying painting, design and ICT. I am hoping to leave school and go to Whitecliffe to study graphic design.

Why do you think your social media profile has been so popular?
I think it’s because of how intense I come across as. I am pretty out there and full of energy and always have something silly to talk about, but other than that I really don’t know. It’s probably because of my eyebrows… :)

What is the secret to Caito Potatoe and where did the name come from?
It’s a shame when people ask this question because they expect a hilarious, clever explanation but in reality my Dad gave me the nickname Caito when I was quite young. I’ve always had that name pop up here and there, I always prefer everyone to call me Caito, my teachers refuse to call me that which is a shame, but… I know I’ll win in the end.

Do you know who your biggest fans are?
Apparently people from Melbourne, England, Christchurch, Wellington and Auckland!!! It’s so crazy! Love you guys!! (and your eyebrows)

Do you get stopped on the street? What do you say when you do?
Yeah, I do get stopped a lot, I get a lot of people giving me big long stares and then when I walk off their friends are shrieking “OMG IT’S CAITO POTATOE!!!!!” I’m almost always with my boyfriend when this happens, he thinks it’s very odd and I on the other hand find it really crazy to be made such a fuss of in public. I’ve had a lot of lovely people come up and ask for photos and hugs which is totally awesome. When they talk to me I always ask about what they’re doing and where they’re going, most of them don’t really know what to say back because they’re in such a shock!

Who are you favourite celebrities and why?
Leonardo DiCaprio. He is my one and only. I absolutely adore him, he is the hottest babe in the entire world, whenever there’s a movie he’s in, no matter what, Dad will pause the TV and make sure I come and catch a glimpse of him, he woke me up at 1am once and I was forever grateful. My mum bought me a Leonardo DiCaprio phone case and I screamed for 4 hours straight. In my spare time I usually look up photos of him.

Who are you favourite musicians? Who would you love to see perform live on the show?
My favourite musicians are the following: Greg Johnson, a kiwi musician born in Auckland, The Beatles, Rolling Stones, Fleetwood Mac, David Bowie, Queen, Sam Smith, Elton John, Mac Demarco and heaps more, I really love music. I would love to see Benny Tipene back! I really admire his stage presence and how he’s so great live.

Do you have an instagram account for you eyebrows? If not, why not?
I do have an instagram, It’s not all eyebrows but I do post alot of selfies with my eyebrows in it, does that count!?!?

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