Think Tank

Hosted by John Tamihere and funded by Te Māngai Pāho THINK TANK is pioneering a new way of looking at the issues that really matter to New Zealanders.

First, we ask Kiwis “what concerns you the most about the way our country is headed?”

And then we round up a very disparate – but very smart – bunch of people who really add depth of knowledge to the issues that worry you …

We present these themes to our guests and taskthem with coming up with real solutions that range from the obvious to the outrageous,

Solutions available to us if we have the drive to make this country the best it can be.

We’ll make some predictions …

Have a few laughs

All jokes aside,

This year, THINK TANK’s back with a whole new bunch of your concerns and ideas – discussing what you've told us you want solved.

Amongst a raft of topics, we'll be dealing with off-shore oil drilling and mineral exploitation, infertility and intellectual property. We'll get to the bottom of housing issues in New zealand and look hard at all the areas where discrimination and disparities exist between New Zealanders.

And we'll celebrate the accomplishments that make us great...and look at ways we can stimulate more.

This is Think Tank 2012 – thinking smarter, and turning talk into solutions. And remember, this is your show, we want to know what you think.