About Underbelly Badness

Underbelly Badness

One of the most dangerous crooks in Australia would never have been caught if it wasn’t for a cop who wouldn’t quit. From the western suburbs to the bush, from three-hatted restaurants to the strip clubs of Surfers Paradise, riding Harleys, helicopters and muscle cars, their battle raged for a decade.

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The Cop & The Crook

The Cop

DETECTIVE SERGEANT GARY JUBELIN of Homicide feels personally offended when he hears about the Terry Falconer murder. That the poor bastard was abducted by men masquerading as cops really gets his blood boiling.

The Crook

Early 1990s. A young bloke from the outer western suburbs of Sydney gets bitten by the private enterprise bug, cooking amphetamines in the family shed and selling to bikies and low level dealers...

Previous Seasons

Underbelly Badness

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