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Road Madness Season 2

“Some of it’s hard to believe, some of its laughable…and some just plain crazy” …. yes a new series of Road Madness is back on TV3.

We’ve all had those moments on the road when we’ve seen some atrocious driving and thought “where are the cops when we need them?” Now with so many cameras fitted to vehicles there’s a good chance the bad drivers are being caught on camera.

Using footage collected from cameras mounted in cars and trucks and even in the helmets of cyclists, Road Madness reveals some of the crazy and frightening driving happening on our roads every day and every night. Hosted by comedian Urzila Carlson, the series shines a spotlight on the bad driving practices that plague our roads…. like drivers who ignore the self-explanatory stop sign … and drivers who take the law into their own hands and try to exact revenge on other drivers.

For someone who’s grown up on the hazardous roads of South Africa, Urzila is amazed by the video clips featured on Road Madness -

“I can’t get over the risks people take – bad decision making which could cost people their lives or cause serious injury. I guess it all boils down to patience - too many people in too much of a hurry to get to where they’re going."

But those failings don’t just apply to drivers on New Zealand roads - over the course of the Road Madness series viewers will witness some amazing footage of bad driving from China, Russia and a number of other countries.

And each week viewers will have the opportunity to win their own camera, have it mounted in their vehicle and perhaps become a contributor to Road Madness.

If you have any videos of madness on our roads you can email us on: roadmadness@top-shelf.co.nz

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Season 2 Ep6

Season 2 Ep6

We showcase trucks going out of control; how people still haven't learned cell phones don't mix with driving; and the unbelievable situations where people choose to make a u-turn. S2 Ep6

Season 2 Ep5

Season 2 Ep5

We showcase miraculous escapes from life threatening accidents; the hazards of riding a motorcycle on our roads; and how red light runners are putting other peoples' lives at risk. S2 Ep5

Season 2 Ep4

Season 2 Ep4

A truck with failed brakes wreaks mayhem on a country road. Then, we reveal the perils emergency drivers face every day; and what those striped median strips are meant for. S2 Ep4

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