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The Grill finale

UNDER THE GRILL - Season 1, Ep 6

In this week's season finale, audiences find out whether celebrity chef Sean Connolly and his brand new staff can overcome all the problems to deliver Auckland's newest top dining destination. Final

Season 1, Ep 5

UNDER THE GRILL - Season 1, Ep 5

With the deadline fast approaching, construction goes into overdrive, but with issues at every turn, Sean's losing his cool.


UNDER THE GRILL - Season 1, Ep 4

Dust flies when Sean's desire for nothing but the best sparks a major conflict over the budget.


UNDER THE GRILL - Season 1, Ep 3

This week sees Sean test potential head chefs; and on-going construction delays bringing the project to breaking point.

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Q&A with Sean

What in your opinion is the most underrated ingredient?
And the most overrated?
Fresh truffles!
What made you decide to open a restaurant in Auckland?
Great people, great produce, huge opportunity!
Tell us a little about The Grill?
The pinnacle of my career.

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Episode Recaps

Season 1, Ep 6

Season 1, Ep 6

It is now day 116 of Sean’s ‘100 day’ project. Having failed its council inspection, the restaurant is – again - dangerously close to not being able to be finished in time.

Season 1, Ep 5

Season 1, Ep 5

Sean Connolly had 100 days to complete his glamorous new upmarket steakhouse. It is now day 107!

About Under The Grill

Take one award winning chef, give him $4 million and 100 days to create a world class restaurant from scratch.

Under The Grill is a series about a real kitchen nightmare; racing against the clock to design, build, staff and open one of three premier venues, The Grill Restaurant in Federal St ‐ in time for the kick‐off of the Rugby World Cup! This compelling, observational series takes you behind the scenes, alongside the creative & the construction, of what promises to be the new ‘place to be’ in just three months time. Read More...

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Get To Know Sean Connolly - The Australian Celebrity Chef

Sean Connolly

Born in England (he still has a Leeds accent), Sean has wanted to cook, ever since he found out how to make a home‐made apple pie at school when he was twelve years old. Arriving in Sydney for a holiday in 1988, Sean fell in love with Australia and remained permanently. For the past ten years he has headed the Astral Restaurant, one of Sydney’s top restaurants.