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Snapshot A

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Snapshot is a multiple choice question, the answer to which can be deduced from three picture clues revealed one at a time by the host.

The host will nominate a subject matter.

Each picture will be revealed one third at a time.

To answer this multiple choice question a contestant must be the first to buzz in.

After the host has identified them by name, the player has three seconds to provide an answer. If they fail to answer within that time, a ‘timed out’ siren will sound. A failure to answer within three seconds is considered an incorrect answer and till incur the relevant penalty for that game.

Only one attempted answer will be accepted from one player after each new reveal.

When a player hits their buzzer they must answer based on what they have seen, i.e. they will not be shown any more of the image before answering.

A player’s first completed answer will be accepted.

Answers must be clear and comprehensible to be accepted.

Any additional information given as part of an answer must be correct or the answer will be deemed incorrect.

CORRECT ANSWER: A player who answers correctly will be invited by the host to choose either 15 points or $1500 cash. A player’s choice is final and their decision cannot be reversed.

INCORRECT ANSWER AND LOCKED-OUT: If a contestant buzzes in and fails to answer correctly, they will be locked out for the remainder of Snapshot. There is no point penalty for being locked out.

When one player answers incorrectly the remaining players must not buzz until the host calls for the next reveal and a new part of the picture appears on the gamescreen.

On the third and final reveal, only the first remaining player to buzz in may attempt an answer. In the event of an incorrect answer, the game is over. No cash or points will be awarded.

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