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Sometimes It's Hard To Be A Woman

Axl and Gaia

In season one Axl was all about finding the girl. Now he's letting the girl come to him... and she did. Sort of.

The mysterious appearance of “Mia”, played by Siobhan Marshall, was none other than Odin in feminine form.

For Axl donning drag was just a bit of party fun, but it seems that Odin has a history of wearing women’s clothing. Not as a lifestyle choice, but a means of, shall we say, going “undercover”.

The transformation certainly helped Axl discover a few home truths - not least of all about Gaia and how she really feels about him.

Under the haze of alcohol the will-they-won’t-they couple seem back on track. But in the cold hard light of day, everything changes. Gaia has little good to say about Axl – something she blithely shares with Mia.

Emmett Skilton, who plays Axl says that their relationship is on shaky ground.

"She's going through a weird thing that Axl can't suss out. It makes their relationship clash and crash."

It seems that it’s not just Axl who has been going through some changes. Gaia used to be the sensible caring member of the flat, but now the lentil-loving nurse has found a new sense of self - drinking, bunking off work, scoffing bacon and generally acting out.

While Axl's been struggling with his “God-business”, Gaia’s had some revelations of her own to deal with. Not least of which was finding that her father and boyfriend were conspiring to keep her prisoner on Waiheke.

Bryn insisted that it was for her own good, and only agreed to let her go into Axl’s care. And so, in another role reversal for Axl, he finds himself charged with looking after Gaia.

Gaia may not have had any say in the arrangement but when it comes to putting Axl in his place she’s more that a match for him. Even if he is a god.

Just why Gaia needs protecting remains unclear – and whether the two ever become a match remains to be seen.

See Axl's transformation with photos from this episode here.

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