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Sons of Anarchy Actor Proposes New Marine Sniper Logo

Scout Sniper logo

Perhaps best known for his portrayal of Chuck Marstein on Sons of Anarchy, Michael Ornstein is also a talented artist. He recently proposed a new logo for US Marine scout snipers following the controversy that erupted last month when pictures of the current logo, the notorious Nazi SS, went viral.

The “lightening bolt” SS logo has been discreetly used by the scout sniper community for years. It is representative of the group’s title and also depicts the way in which marines are able to strike quickly from a great distance. Although the swastika dates back to ancient civilizations and is widely used in several religions, the image of US marines posing with the “SS” flag in Afghanistan has upset a number of people for whom the symbol has darker WWII connotations.

Ornstein has a deep respect for the US military and was troubled by the public controversy. He spoke out in defense of the marines, claiming that people had passed judgement far too quickly. In an effort to show his support for the sniper community, Ornstein proposed a new flag, submitting his black and white design as a potential replacement.

Michael Ornstein

“The first thing I did was to talk to a real good friend of mine who happens to be a sniper and he told me what him and his friends think about in the field is “knowing that G-d is watching over them.” So, I worked from that concept and came up with an eye that would symbolize “The Eye of G-d” protectively watching over the men of the unit, staring directly into the face of the enemy. I kept the lighting bolts to symbolize “Scout Snipers”, but I altered them a bit."

"I’m offering this image as an American artist, hoping it’s honorable and badass enough to be acceptable to the men of this unit. I’m offering it out of deep respect and as a gesture of Thanks for what the men in this Scout Sniper unit and what the Military Community at large, along with their families at home, are tasked with bravely accomplishing each and every day.”

What do you think of the proposed logo?

A collection of Chuck Marstein’s paintings and photographs can be viewed online here.


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