Susana Tang (Lily)


Susana Tang, Kiwi-Asian, born and raised in New Zealand, wanted from a young age to pursue a career goal of becoming a lawyer.

She took Drama Studies at school hoping it would help her confidence in becoming a lawyer, little did she know it was just the beginning of her journey into the film industry.

Susana's passion for the film industry sparked after her debut in the New Zealand feature film Matariki directed by Michael Bennett.

''I remember going to school on the days we didn't film, and completing my class work off set on location.''

After focusing and completing her last two years of high school, Susana auditioned for Hounds.

''I read the script and it was hilarious, it was my summer holiday so I thought why not? I honestly didn't think much of it, I didn't think I would get cast for the role.''

"Everyone was incredibly nice and quite funny. It was a really awesome feeling being on and off set.''

Susana is currently studying a Bachelor of Communication Studies at AUT. She delayed her studies due to the filming of Hounds.

"To be honest I was really upset at first, I really wanted to film and study at the same time. I don't regret anything though, because I know there are heaps of people out there that would die for this. I couldn't ask for a better experience."

In her spare time, Susana likes to storyboard and draft ideas for short films. She is hoping to become an editor one day.

"The downlow guys are so awesome, they are encouraging and have this incredible ability to make you laugh at anything. They've totally inspired me to become someone in this industry.''

"It's really cool to think that they've gone down the path I'm walking on now, and hopefully with a bit of hard work, some talent and hair flicking I'll get to where they are now.''

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About Hounds

From the creators of hit local comedy, 7 Days, new series Hounds follows the fortunes of a shiftless lawyer, his half-sister and an alcoholic dog trainer who are trying to live under one roof and make good on the track.

Will (Toby Sharpe) is struggling at his law firm. His heart isn’t in it and he is making mistakes at work. But one day everything changes. His Dad dies, leaving him half a house; a half-sister Lily (Susana Tang); a greyhound racing dog; and its unpredictable trainer Marty (Mick Innes).

Hounds - coming soon to 3.